Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is an imaging diagnostic system using radio waves, a magnetic field, and a computer to produce images of the body. An MRI displays images of the body in “slices” similar to that of a CT scan, but it is also able to reflect greater contrast between different types of body tissues. Magnetic resonance imaging is one of the advanced imaging techniques utilized at Radiology Associates Imaging to view precise details of the head, neck, spine, muscles, joints and bones. It is also used to image the chest, abdomen and pelvis.

MR Imaging does not utilize ionizing radiation. In some instances, contrast agents, such as gadolinium, are used to enhance certain anatomical structures and increase the diagnostic accuracy of the images. The image and resolution produced by MRI is quite detailed and can detect tiny changes of structures within the body.

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How Should I Prepare?

Prior to your appointment, you will receive specific instructions concerning your exam.  Most exams require no special preparation, but a few studies such as MRCP and MR enterography, require 4 hours of fasting. If you have any questions, feel free to call our facility.

Please bring any paperwork or identification cards for any implanted devices that you may have.  We specifically need to be informed of any of the following:
•    Cardiac Pacemakers
•    Nerve stimulators or infusion pumps
•    Metal ear implants
•    Aneurysm clips or coils
•    Vascular stents
•    Penile implants
•    History of metal in or around the eyes
•    Retained bullet fragments or schrapnel

Occasionally, we may need to obtain x-rays to further evaluate some of the above implants or retained metal.

What Should I Expect?

When you arrive at our imaging center, you will be asked to complete a history sheet informing us of any significant medical and surgical history.  Since the MRI machine is a large magnet, informing us of any implanted devices, non-removed bullet fragments, or shrapnel is very important.

Depending on your clothing, you may be asked to change into a gown to ensure that you are “metal-free.” Once the technologist or Radiologist has cleared you for safe entry into the MRI suite, you will lie flat on the MRI table and a piece of equipment called a “coil” will be placed on your body over the area of interest to assist with obtaining high-resolution images.  You will be given ear plugs or ear muffs to diminish noise during the examination.  The design of the MRI equipment results in loud knocking or buzzing noises during the exam.  An intravenous line will be placed if your exam needs to be performed with contrast.

Most of our examinations take 20 minutes or less to complete, with a few taking up to 30 minutes. During this time, you will be in continuous contact with our MRI technologist in case you encounter any problems.

Some patients have a condition called claustrophobia (the fear of small or enclosed spaces) and may have concerns about having an MRI.  If you have this condition, you should have your imaging study performed on one of our Open Bore machines.  These MRI scanners have a very large open and short bore, allowing almost all patients with claustrophobia to have their imaging study without difficulty.  Please be sure to notify us ahead of time if you have claustrophobia and we will make sure more time is allowed to introduce you to the MRI equipment and get you comfortable for the exam.

Some patients with concern may have their physician prescribe a mild sedative.  If you choose to take a medication, please inform us and be sure to bring someone with you to drive you home after the exam.

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