Fluoroscopy is one of the oldest and broadest areas of diagnostic radiology. In fluoroscopic studies, an x-ray imaging unit is used that can both take images and produce an image that can be seen on a TV screen in real time. The following exams are performed under fluoroscopy:

  • UGI Series & Small Bowel Series– upper gastrointestional exam
  • Barium Enema – lower gastrointestional exam
  • IVP – Intravenous pyelograms – urinary tract exam
  • Nerve root or steroid injections – of back or joints

In these studies, a safe dense element, either barium or iodine, is used to block x-rays while taking the pictures.

Your doctor will receive the results 24 to 48 hours after the test is completed. He should contact you to go over the results of your exam.

How Should I Prepare?

Your doctor will inform you of the important preparation necessary for this exam. You can also call the Imaging Center where your study will be performed, and a technologist will advise you of the proper steps toward a successful exam.

Since the tests use x-rays, the technologist will ask females of childbearing age whether there is any chance they are pregnant.

Be sure to tell your doctor and imaging center staff about any possible allergies to iodine or x-ray contrast prior to scheduling the procedure.


What Should I Expect?
After arrival, you will likely be asked to change into a gown in order any prevent image compromise due to your clothing. The technologist will review your examination with you prior to arrival of the Radiologist. Once the Radiologist arrives, he or she will likely take a brief history to determine how best to perform the exam and to find our what clinical questions need to be answered. The Radiologist will then perform the examination and save images to document the areas of interest. With some examinations, you will need to drink oral contrast material. Most examinations take anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes. Frequently, the Radiologist will review your findings with you prior to your departure.

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