Radiation Safety

Radiation Safety

We are exposed to many sources of background radiation every day.  These sources of radiation are from the sun and stars, from the earth, and from radon particles, just to name a few.  These sources of radiation are considered safe yet we know that high levels of radiation have the potential to cause health problems.

After much research and debate between experts, there is still controversy over the long-term effects of the dose of radiation received from medical imaging studies.  Although no one has shown that a single diagnostic exam is a concern, at Radiology Associates Imaging we take the issue seriously and have systems in place to make sure that you receive an ionizing radiation free exam, such as ACR_DoseRegistryMRI or ultrasound (if appropriate), and receive the lowest dose of radiation possible.



What has Radiology Associates Imaging done to insure that my imaging studies are safe?
    1. ImageGentlySeveral years ago, a group of radiologists, administrators, and technologists began to work together to review and modify our CT scan protocols to reduce the dose of radiation while still preserving diagnostic quality images.  This involved modifying the CT scanner settings away from the default factory settings and making sure that the minimum number of x-rays is utilized.  We have also reduced the number of repeat or delayed images obtained and reduced the scanning range to include only the areas of interest.
    2. We have made pledges to the Image Wisely® (www.imagewisely.org) and Image Gently® (www.imagegently.org) campaigns that are dedicated to radiation safety in Adult and Pediatric medical imaging, respectively. We were also the first imaging centers in the area to receive Levels 1, 2, and 3 Honor Roll status by Image Gently® for our commitment to lowering patient imaging radiation doses.
    3.  We actively participate in the ACR Dose Index Registry (DIR) that allows our facilities to help establish national benchmarks and compare CT radiation dose indices to regional and national values.  We are continually evaluating our doses against our peers to insure that our patients receive optimal imaging.
    4. We educate and consult with your health care provider to make sure that a radiation-free exam is used in the appropriate clinical settings.  MRI and ultrasound exams are both ionizing radiation-free alternatives.


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