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3D mammograms at St. Augustine Imaging, Palm Coast Imaging, Town Center Imaging, Twin Lakes Imaging, and Port Orange Imaging:

Three Ds that could make a lifesaving difference through early detection of breast cancer.

The importance of mammograms for early detection of breast cancer is well established and well known. Radiology Associates Imaging is providing area women with a new, state-of-the-art tool for monitoring breast health: 3D mammograms are now available at St. Augustine Imaging, Palm Coast Imaging, Town Center Imaging in Palm Coast, Twin Lakes Imaging in Daytona Beach, and Port Orange Imaging. Benefits include:

  • A clearer look at breast tissue that provides a 3D view that is computer generated from 24 layered images of breast tissue at different depths
  • Enhanced ability to find small, early-stage breast cancers when they are much easier to successfully treat
  • Fewer false positives, fewer callbacks for additional imaging, and fewer unnecessary biopsies
  • Especially beneficial to women with dense breast tissue, which makes cancer more difficult to detect in a 2D mammogram.

Patients will find the 3D mammogram experience to be similar to that of a 2D mammogram. The test takes about the same amount of time with just a few seconds of compression.

To learn more about our revolutionary new Genius™  3D MAMMOGRAPHY™ exam,  please visit MyGenius3D.com

Insurance Status

3D mammograms are fully covered for Medicare patients. Coverage by other insurers may vary. For patients whose insurance reimburses only for the cost of a 2D mammogram, a nominal copay is charged.

The advanced early detection of a 3D mammogram could make a lifesaving difference by finding breast cancer earlier. If it’s time for your annual mammogram, contact St. Augustine Imaging at (904) 827-9191, Palm Coast Imaging at (386) 274-6000, Town Center Imaging at (386) 274-6000, Twin Lakes Imaging at (386) 274-6000, or Port Orange Imaging at (386) 274-6000 to schedule an appointment.

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